[lug] Connection problems from Europe -- RESOLVED

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Thu Mar 11 15:49:44 MST 2004

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for my problem with 
connectivity between users in Europe and my servers in Boulder.

It turns out the problem was, indeed, a router in Chicago belonging to 
WCG.  About an hour ago everything suddenly and magically began to 
work.  Using 'traceroute' as I had done before now shows a different 
path to the server, bypassing the Chicago router.  Either WCG took it 
offline, or they're temporarily re-routing things around it until they 
fix it.

While it's nice to know the problem wasn't my fault, at the same time 
it's frustrating to have weird stuff like that come up and not know 
where to look or what to do.

These dang computers; they're so complicated... :)


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