[lug] CRW Images?

David Morris lists at morris-clan.net
Sat Mar 13 09:53:35 MST 2004

I recently bought a Canon EOS-10D digital camera, and am
looking to do a bit of automation in my image
processing...unfortunately, the raw image format canon uses
is not an open standard so finding tools to handle it (or
better yet a specification sheet) is a bit difficult.

Any tools, libraries, or spec sheets (reverse engineering)
for .crw and .thm files that anyone can recommend?

Also, any email lists / user groups more specific to the
topic that might be able to help?

I'm also looking for a command-line tool that will change
image sizes as well as file formats (e.g. 1600x1200 TIFF to
1024x768 JPEG).

Actual image editing I have plenty of tools for between
Linux and Windoze apps, though any particularly good tools
on the linux side other than GIMP exist, I'd be
interested....especially for manipulating raw (crw) files.

Essentially, what I'm looking to do is this:

- copy files to my hard disk using a CompactFlash card reader
- Extract camera setting details (exif) from jpg images, and
  however they are stored in raw (crw/thm) images.  Store
  this information in a database.
- Use a script that will automatically take a raw file (crw)
  and creat a new file of a given file format (TIFF, PNG,
  JPEG, etc.) at a specified scale (e.g. 50% of original

Any suggestions on any/all of the above, or other lists I
could join that are more applicable?  I'm also perfectly
willing to do my own coding if specifications or libraries
that are relevant can be found as I'm a software engineer by


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