[lug] CRW Images?

hugh at math.byu.edu hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Mar 13 10:58:46 MST 2004

> I'm also looking for a command-line tool that will change
> image sizes as well as file formats (e.g. 1600x1200 TIFF to
> 1024x768 JPEG).

convert is probably the best tool for the job.  It's part of the
ImageMagick package.

> Essentially, what I'm looking to do is this:
> - copy files to my hard disk using a CompactFlash card reader
> - Extract camera setting details (exif) from jpg images, and
>   however they are stored in raw (crw/thm) images.  Store
>   this information in a database.

There's a tool that the gallery package uses called jhead

> - Use a script that will automatically take a raw file (crw)
>   and creat a new file of a given file format (TIFF, PNG,
>   JPEG, etc.) at a specified scale (e.g. 50% of original
>   dimentions).

assuming you can get the crw format into a more standard format, convert
will do all that you ask


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