[lug] Upgrade to 2.6 kernel mouse woes

Glenn Murray gmurray at mines.edu
Tue Mar 16 13:38:59 MST 2004


I installed a stock 2.6.3 kernel image in a Debian testing
box.  It boots, but X will not start because the PS/2 mouse
can't be configured.  I've changed the Device line in
XF86Config to point to /dev/input/mice, but this and linking
to /dev/psaux doesn't help.  The X log file says
xf86OpenSerial: Cannot open device /dev/input/mice, which
make sense because /dev/input/mice doesn't exist.

Google says I need to load modules mousedev and psmouse, and
modprobe or /etc/modules does that happily, but neither
helps the mouse to be found.

Any help?


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