[lug] Dumb OpenSSL Question

Bill Gjestvang bill at uncultured.org
Sat Mar 20 21:53:14 MST 2004

You could also try (as a regular user, not root) "rpm -e openssl", and it
will list all packages that depend on it.  Just look through this short
list and see which packages are daemons/services.
-Bill Gjestvang

The Matt said:
> Folks, this is kinda dumb, but #fedora has too much chatter for me to
> get a good answer.  Namely, I run Fedora Core and as you know there was
> an openssl update.  But, I'm trying not to reboot one of my systems, so
> I'm trying to figure out which of the 190990324 services Fedora/Redhat
> runs I need to restart.
> I've done the easy ones, sendmail, Apache, and sshd, but I have no idea
> if Canna or some freak service uses SSL.  Any others I missed?
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