[lug] Machine Info Database

Jordan Crouse jordan at cosmicpenguin.net
Sun Mar 21 12:53:01 MST 2004

> I'm wondering if there is a nice opensource application that 
> does something similar. The perl scipt isn't a requirement, 
> just something that we can store machine profiles in, and possibly
> user account information. 

I'm not sure if a similar project exists, but it already sounds like you are on the right track since you seem to have a working script and CGI app anyway.  Remember, as always, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

But if you can, I would encourage you to open up your own scripts so others could benefit from your code.  Many times people don't think that their code isn't "cool" enough for others to be interested in it, but through history the very best open source projects have been born of nessicity and praticality, not coolness.


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