[lug] Samba: recheck password

Ben Luey lueyb at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Mon Apr 12 11:40:05 MDT 2004

I'm trying to set up samba for windows XP and 2000 clients. I'm using
security=share mode. I've got a test setup working where people can access
their home directories via samba. Problem is that the connections aren't
getting closed. We have multiple people use the same computers and they
cannot logout of these machines (some software needs to run continuously
all the time) so if user A goes to //server/homes enters a password, he
gets /home/A -- now if A closes //server/homes, and then user B sits down
and goes to //server/homes/ he gets /home/A -- I want user B to be asked
for a password so /home/B can be accessed. Is there a way to get the samba
server to require a password after a share has been closed?



Ben Luey
lueyb at jilau1.colorado.edu

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