[lug] Linux email server recommendations

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Mon Apr 12 11:49:04 MDT 2004

Well.. I consulted with my boss and she is willing to price out the cost 
of getting a consultant to come in and configure the server(s).

Anyone have any non-biased recommendations on who I should inquire with?


David Anselmi wrote:
> Nate Duehr wrote:
>> On Apr 9, 2004, at 5:03 PM, Michael Belanger wrote:
>>> Agreed.. But here are the reasons this wont fly...
>>> 1.  We are a grant-based project. We just don't have the resources to 
>>> farm out services like this.
>> Fair enough.  I still think it might be cheaper than you think to have 
>> someone else deal with it completely, long-term.
>>> 2.  Due to the sensitivity of the data being stored on the server,
>>> we just don't feel comfortable having them on a system on which we
>>> cannot guarantee privacy.
>> And this leads back to #1.  As a professional sysadmin for many years, 
>> I have a hard time taking this statement very seriously.  If there's 
>> one thing SMTP can never ever = it's Privacy.
> Possibly there's good reason to separate your externally accessible 
> server from an internal, more sensitive server.  For a mail gateway and 
> DNS (and perhaps even firewall), your Alpha may be up to the job and 
> Debian runs well on an Alpha.
> Probably separating servers makes the admin job harder.  But security is 
> one of those "pay me now or pay me later" things.  Take a look at the 
> replies to the "my system was rooted, what should I do?" posts on 
> various Linux lists.
> Dave
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