[lug] Samba: recheck password

Brian Rodriguez brianr01 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 12:04:19 MDT 2004

I don't claim to be a Samba expert, but I have monkeyed around with the 
kind of setup you're describing and there are a few things that come to 
mind. First of all, are user A and user B logged into two different 
windows accounts? In other words, when they access the samba server and 
their windows machine identifies itself with a machine name and current 
user name, will the samba server see two different users? Next, have you 
set up a separate Linux login and samba login for each windows user? If 
you use swat or webmin to do your samba administration I think there is 
a pretty obvious option to create both Linux and samba accounts 
everytime you add a user, and to keep their passwords in sync. If you're 
  editing smb.conf by hand you'll need to research it. Also, make sure 
that the /home/user shares are NOT accessible to the samba default guest 
account or anyone can connect by trying to access them with an unknown 
user name.

OOPS, I just re-read your e-mail and now I realize that it's not going 
to work the way I was thinking because the usrers are NOT logging out. I 
don't know if you can make Samba re-prompt each time because the windows 
machine doesn't actually disconnect when you close the explorer window. 
You have to go to Tools menu and explicitly select 'Disconnect network 
drive' and force the connection to close. If each user presents a 
different user name to the samba server then samba knows for sure which 
share to select, but if you are only relying on unique passwords to 
identify users, and they are not logging out in between, then you have a 
problem. XP does allow you to switch users (sort of) without actually 
closing programs in between, but that forces default security where 
everyone can access everyone else's files, and 2000 doesn't have this 
option. Can the programs that must be left running be configured as a 
system service so that they don't depend on the user login?


Ben Luey wrote:

> I'm trying to set up samba for windows XP and 2000 clients. I'm using
> security=share mode. I've got a test setup working where people can access
> their home directories via samba. Problem is that the connections aren't
> getting closed. We have multiple people use the same computers and they
> cannot logout of these machines (some software needs to run continuously
> all the time) so if user A goes to //server/homes enters a password, he
> gets /home/A -- now if A closes //server/homes, and then user B sits down
> and goes to //server/homes/ he gets /home/A -- I want user B to be asked
> for a password so /home/B can be accessed. Is there a way to get the samba
> server to require a password after a share has been closed?
> Thanks,
> Ben
> Ben Luey
> lueyb at jilau1.colorado.edu
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