[lug] Joining commands?

John Dollison JohnDollison at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 16 21:52:29 MDT 2004

Thank you, everyone, for your replies.  The suggestions worked well!  Now
the only problem I have happens when I try to telnet into another computer
on the network, and play sounds on the remote computer.  It works fine if
both computers are logged in as the same user, or if I'm root, but I can't
get it to work if the logins are different.  I keep getting told something
like "/dev/audio cannot be opened: permission denied."  I realize that the
audio device can handle only one stream at a time, but isn't there some way
around this?


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John asked:

> I use Sun UNIX at work, and was trying to play a series of audio
> files using the following command:
> find / -name '*.au' | audioplay

I suspect that piping everything at once into audioplay is the problem.
Instead, play them one at a time:

find / -name '*.au' -exec audioplay {} \;

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