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George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
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I have used 3Ware with pretty good luck. I have a system running on the
2 drive SATA controller doing mirroring and it works fine. 

The 3Ware controller drivers are part of the kernel tree, and the
quality seems to be really good. Most of the other Serial ATA
controllers (Promise, HPT) seem to actually be software RAID, and the
drivers are proprietary.

I built another system using the 6 drive controller running Windows XP,
and it too seems to be running very stably.

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Hi folks,

Has anyone built their own Linux SATA raid array?  Do you have any
pointers or comments to share?

We're about to build a 2-4TB ATA-133 array here at work and are thinking
about using SATA instead.  The SATA drives look pretty competitive on a
speed/cost basis and our only real concern is the driver quality for
SATA controllers with Linux.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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