[lug] ppp and eth0

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 28 21:04:59 MDT 2004

> Gary,
> NOAA has a security policy that states that you can't be connected 
> to 
> NOAA via PPP and also be connected to another network. It isn't so 
> much 
> a matter of not being able to do it technically, but conforming to 
> the 
> security regs. The student is correct, from a policy standpoint.

Thanks for the heads up.  I attend many of the building networking 
committee meetings and have never heard this.  I think I'm OK in any 
case since the eth0 network is just the PC and an instrument.  None of 
the systems in this discussion I'm setting up will be connected to the 
web through a LAN.  They're located in trailers, for example, in the 
middle of no where.  I'll run it by the network folks though.

> I would guess that you could talk with the security folks to see 
> what 
> you can do about this particular case if you need to be on the lan 
> all 
> the time.

The actual PPP connection will last ~5 minutes per day, but your points 
are taken.


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