[lug] WordPerfect for Linux is back --- more or less

BOF bof at pcisys.net
Thu Apr 29 07:03:52 MDT 2004

Corel has decided to "update" WP for Linux. According to the below 
article, what has been done is to take WP8 for Linux and bug fix it. It 
still is not as easy to use and lacks many of the features as WP for 
Windows and is still not a ready-for-prime-time product.

And now for the very, very clever part: Corel is marketing this as a 
"Proof of Concept" in which the user gets to buy WP for only $29.95 + 
$6.00 S/H. Supposedly the number of suckers, Oops, Sorry!, buyers, will 
then determine if Corel goes on to develop a full-blown product.

So, in essence, the user is paying for a Beta-quality product. This is a 
degree of chutzpah that even MS has not yet achieved (although there are 
those who state that every product that MS produces is Beta-quality, but 
I, myself, would not be so unkind --- it's more like Alpha).

I'd like to see this succeed: I am, and have been, of the opinion that 
WP was the best word-processing program of all time. So I'd like to see 
this work, in spite of the sarcastic tone of this e-mail.

I'm just not sure about paying someone to test their software for them. 
Shouldn't it be the other way around?


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