[lug] Installation Guidance Request

Dhruva B. Reddy bdhruva at gmx.net
Thu Apr 29 16:19:42 MDT 2004

Not that I speak from experience, but I would go so far as to say that
if you want to keep W2K, back everything up, wipe your whole hard drive
clean (leaving space for Windows, of course), then install both OS's.

Even if you don't want to reinstall Windows, backing up is still a good


On Thu, 29 Apr 2004 at 14:55 -0600, Dean Vinke soliloquized thusly:
> Brian Rodriguez wrote:
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> >
> >Hi Charlie,
> >if you DON'T need to keep Windows on the machine then it's very easy.
> >The Mandrake install will offer to take over the entire hard drive for
> >you, and you just say yes. If you need to keep windows, then you will
> >also have the option of resizing the windows partition to make room for
> >the Linux install. I'm not sure if the 9.0 release supported resizing
> >NTFS partitions, but later versions do. By the way, Mandrake 10.0 came
> >out fairly recently, and I could burn you copies of the CDs if you would
> >like. It's the latest and greatest and is very nice. The Mandrake
> >install is very easy and well suited to newbies.
> >
> >Brian
> >
> Hey Charlie,
> Mandrake 8.1 comes with resizing of Windows partition software as a part 
> of the install so I would have to assume that 9.0 does as well.   
> Depending on the Windows version you have, I would HIGHLY recommend a 
> super clean defrag BEFORE you attempt to dual boot your machine. 
> Also, on the Mandrake website, there is all kinds of info for setting up 
> a dual boot machine.
> Hope this helps,
> Dean V.

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