[lug] WordPerfect for Linux is back --- more or less

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Fri Apr 30 08:45:01 MDT 2004

You'd think so wouldn't you!?  I made a mistake by buying Beta software 
before (Kapital, from TheKompany).. They had promises all over their 
site saying that they are finishing up, order now and get it for half 
off.. Well, it has been two years and they are still beta and it is 
frankly unusable.

Not again.  Dont pay for Beta software.. Let that be done by the 
investors... if you think the product will do well, perhaps buying the 
companies stock will help it along... Buying beta software is only to 
their advantage (they keep the money, regardless of completion).

John Starkey wrote:
> $30 sounds pretty reasonable for something that you clearly think sucks
> less. If you're that psyched to see development continue, give them some
> compensation. Every software in the world could still be considered beta
> if "stable == perfect".
> methinks us Linux users are getting too used to freebies.
> john
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