[lug] [OT] Apache 1.3 vs. 2.0 on Linux

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Apr 30 10:41:49 MDT 2004

Dhruva B. Reddy wrote:

>My company is getting ready to migrate from IIS to Apache on RHEL 3.0.
>Our websites are written in Java, and run on Tomcat (with the web server
>serving static content).
>I did some research a while ago which suggests that the main benefit of
>Apache 2.0 is its multithreadedness.  I am under the impression that the
>overhead of forking processes in Linux is relatively low, and therefore
>2.0 doesn't buy you much (especially considering the maturity and module
>support of 1.3).
>I googled a bit for a debate on the two, but I couldn't really find
>anything specific to Linux.
>Has anyone heard anything/thought/discussed this?
A few months back there were some problems with Jakarta running under 
Apache 2.0, you may want to check the Jakarta site for news on whether 
or not those issues have been fixed.

I no longer work on Apache/Tomcat systems so I haven't kept up on it 
since then, but there was good information about it on the 
jakarta.apache.org site.


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