[lug] Installation Guidance Request

Matt Thompson thompsma at colorado.edu
Fri Apr 30 12:04:00 MDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 11:44, Charlie Rose wrote:
> To everyone kind enough to reply to my Request for Guidance ... there is 
> one thing I neglected to mention. I am NOT going to install Linux next to 
> Windows. I don't want to deal with those complications right now. I 
> acquired a computer that will be dedicated to Linux, and although Windows 
> 2000 happens to be on the machine now, I plan to be rid of it and all other 
> files that happen to be there.

Makes it easy!

> There is only one partition on the hard drive, and I gather I can just 
> install Mandrake 9.0 splat on top of everything, thereby wiping out 
> anything that's already there. I don't think I even have to format the hard 
> drive. Is that right?

Yeah, you don't have to format the drive *before* you install.  The
Mandrake installer will do it for you during installation.

As a question, is there a reason you're installing 9 instead of 10? 
Just wondering.  I've never used Mandrake so I don't know if there was a
split or big change or something.

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