[lug] NIC loses config on reboot

Tim Stephenson tim at comteligent.com
Fri Apr 30 15:53:30 MDT 2004

Thanks to the group and particularily Dave Anselmi for his right-on
assessment of this problem I had with a NIC that would "lose" it's assigned
static IP configuration on reboot. This was good information that may help
someone else.

Dave Anselmi wrote:
I did some looking and found that one system I have is using:


rather than:


The former is used the the RH "network administration tool" according to the
docs. I don't use that and somehow both config files on my system

are the same. But maybe you need to check both of them.

BTW, if you want to see what /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup is doing,
you can add a "set -x" line at the top of it and it will show you

just what files it uses. Look just below the line that says

"need_config eth0".

You can read the scripts that run at boot -- in this case the networking one
in /etc/rc.d/init.d. You can see that it runs ifup on each interface

(it just looks at the ifcfg-* files in the config dir). You can also read
the ifup script (it's a script, not a binary like Debian's). So you can find
the place that dhcpcd is run and what config file made that happen.

Change the right config and voila.  Heck, even something like: find
/etc/sysconfig/networking -type f | xargs grep -il dhcp is better than
removing (and later reinstalling?) things. You could  also use eth0, or
maybe BOOTPROTO in place of dhcp in that find.

Tim Stephenson

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