[lug] Installation Guidance Request

Charlie Rose ros5e at ISAaC.com
Fri Apr 30 17:15:06 MDT 2004

At 2004-04-30:12:04, you wrote:
Response to Matt Thompson ....

>As a question, is there a reason you're installing 9 instead of 10?
>Just wondering.  I've never used Mandrake so I don't know if there was a
>split or big change or something.

I'm using Mandrake 9 because that's what I *have*; no other reason than 
that. I've heard that 10 is superior to 9, and if I was a smart Linux guy 
... smart enough to know the difference between the two ... I'd probably 
see about going with 10. But I'm not.

BTW ... the installation hung part way through with, as yet, 
incomprehensible gook all over hda1, so I had to remove the non-DOS 
partition, and format the HD after all. I'm in the process of trying to do 
the installation again, right now.

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