[lug] Modem Needed

Matt Thompson thompsma at colorado.edu
Sat May 1 17:08:26 MDT 2004

Charlie Rose wrote:

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> Gentlefolk ....
> I got my first Linux system successfully installed yesterday, and now
> I need a modem for the computer. The extra WinModems I have lying
> about are worthless for this. Please ... does anyone know a good
> place to get a low cost -- used, if possible -- hardware modem in the
> Boulder area?

Hmm...I suppose the first place I'd try is Computer Renaissance next to 
McGuckin.  I've found some odd hardware there before, often used so the 
prices aren't bad.  Might try giving them a call and seeing if they have 
any external modems (or, perhaps, internal, but it's been a while since 
I've seen an internal hardware modem).

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