[lug] Type1 font installation? And KWord formats

Elyse M. Grasso emgrasso at data-raptors.com
Wed May 12 16:41:58 MDT 2004

On Wednesday 12 May 2004 03:21 pm, Evelyn Mitchell wrote:
> * On 2004-05-12 14:49 Elyse M. Grasso <emgrasso at data-raptors.com> wrote:
> > On Friday 07 May 2004 08:01 am, Elyse M. Grasso wrote:
> > The answer to my original question appears to be that there is no one 
> > that addresses all of the major users of fonts.
> If you come up with a good description of how to do this, it would be a
> very useful document to add to linuxdocs.
> > The info from the how-to on ghostscript does not refer to paths that are 
> > present in a fedora installation. Is there a way to ask ghostscript what 
> > fonts it knows about? What is the best way to add a new directory of fonts 
> > the ones GhostScript knows about?
> In briefly reading the ghostscript man page, it looks like you can specify
> an environment variable:
>                  Path names used to search for fonts
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GS_FONTPATH didn't seem to work, though it may have conflicted with one of the 
other things I tried while thrashing around. It might have worked if I hadn't 
already updated the Fontmap.GS file with the Fontmap output from type1inst.

In the end, all it took was (with the Fontmap info in place) was
cd /usr/share/ghostscript
ln -s /home/fonts/Type1 fonts

but figuring out that that was what was needed was a pain. (/home/fonts 
because /home and /etc get backed up most often)

Editing the Fontmap data with some kind of path info for each font might have 
worked, but it wasn't clear what info it needed. And manually tweaking 297 
font entries would have been a pain. 

Note: This many fonts is severe overkill in terms of current and recent 
(within the past 5 years) projects. But most of the fonts were distributed on 
floppies when I bought them years ago. (I think they were all 3.5 inch 
floppies, not 5-inchers, but I won't swear to that). The new laptop doesn't 
have a floppy drive and does have lots of disk space, so I dumped all of my 
legally purchased fonts on there from one of my desktop machines. And if 
they're on here, I might as well be able to get at them, since I want to 
start playing with Scribus. :-) Actually, I don't think I have some of the 
exotic stuff like the Russian fonts from FLF (a now-defunct foundry) 

I should probably copy all of the fonts' source floppies to CD-ROM one of 
these weekends. Especially the FLF fonts, which can't be replaced, and 
anything on 5-inch floppies, since I'm not sure how much longer the archival 
machine will last. Floppy-based clipart packages, too.

Elyse Grasso

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