[lug] Type1 font installation? And KWord formats

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Wed May 12 17:16:14 MDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 13:38, Elyse M. Grasso wrote:
> The answer to my original question appears to be that there is no one document 
> that addresses all of the major users of fonts.
> The linuxdocs how-to file apparently predates xft, so following the 
> instructions there seems to make the fonts available to X and OpenOffice, but 
> not to KDE and Gnome. The info on xft is not readily available by googling 
> with reasonable search terms.

Well, getting Gnome to see fonts (and I guess KDE) is usually pretty
easy, if they are TTFs.  For this you use fc-cache.  It works with user
and root.  I usually put my fonts in /usr/share/fonts and an:

# fc-cache -fv /usr/share/fonts

should do it.  If you are a user, I suggest putting the fonts in
~/.fonts (always caught by fc-cache).  Then a:

$ fc-cache -fv

will catch it.  Then it usually takes a minute or so for these fonts to
appear in fonts:///, or whatever.

> The info from the how-to on ghostscript does not refer to paths that are 
> present in a fedora installation. Is there a way to ask ghostscript what 
> fonts it knows about? What is the best way to add a new directory of fonts to 
> the ones GhostScript knows about?

Well, gs -h should show your search path.  Frankly, I just add fonts to
a directory in that.  It'll pick it up and I don't have to muck with GS
configuration.  I usually shove them in /usr/share/fonts/default/Type1


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