[lug] Sun Client Redhat AS3 NFS Probs

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu May 13 17:33:17 MDT 2004

> Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure I quite follow you.  
> There are no "working systems" at this point.  I just have the RH
> AS3 Server and the Solaris 8 Client.  The only other client I
> tried to use was another Redhat box, which didn't produce errors,
> but that is inconclusive at this time because nothing was really
> done from that system, and it is not the same type of platform
> that I am having trouble with.  The errors occur when certain
> jobs are being run on the Sun client that access the filesystem
> on the RH server, but not everthing causes it.  The user who's
> jobs are causing the errors is working with me to try to figure
> out just what is causeing the errors.
> My Redhat server is running the rquotad daemon, but I haven't
> applied any quotas to the exported filesystems as of yet.
> This server is using ext3 for it's filesystems, is there
> something better for nfs shared filesystems?  and where exactly
> does one look for the kernel options for quota?  I'm using the
> default Redhat kernel, and I really hope I don't have to
> recompile it everytime Redhat comes out with an update or this
> whole "Enterprise" BS is for the birds.
> thanks again,
> -Jeff

D. Stimits post was that the error messages implicate rquotad and to
check your quota definitions.  If you haven't set up quotas yet, then
I'd turn off rquotad and solve the nfs problem (if it remains).  Once
that is settled, then I would tackle getting rquotad configured and
behaving correctly.

So, I'd recommend the following:

Turn off rquotad on the RH AS3 box.  
Comment out the automap for the linux share on the solaris box and
reload autofs/automount.
Mount the linux share by hand on the solaris box and then check for

If errors persist, see if it is only the specific solaris box or if it
happens on another one.

If they don't persist, then re-enable the automount and test again.

If all good, then re-enable rquotad after configuring quotas and see
what you get.



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