[lug] KDE windows rolling up

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Fri May 14 12:41:33 MDT 2004

Michael wrote:

> But I agree, it is mostly an unused feature.  I have it turned on but
> almost never use it.  My wife, does, though, so someone likes it.

I love the shading feature myself... I even mapped a hotkey (Alt-S) to 
it so I can quickly zip a window open (closed?).  It's extremely useful 
when you've got a half-dozen windows on your desktop and you want to 
see what's behind one of them.  It's also useful if you're editing, 
say, a bunch of images in GIMP-- so you have ten little image windows 
scattered all over the place like an explosion of Post-It notes.  Just 
shade all of them, so you can see the title bars (to know which image 
it is), and then mouse over them to open and edit.


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