[lug] Presentation slides from tonight's talk

Chris Riddoch chris-blug at syntacticsugar.org
Sat May 15 00:20:44 MDT 2004

"Jeffrey A. St. Pierre" <Jasp2 at Colorado.EDU> writes:
> BTW Chris... good presentation, interesting topic and project,
> and well-briefed.  Happy hacking...

Thanks.  I was a little worried about just how much of a tangent my
talk would be to Linux.  Not all things *using* free software are
necessarily so relevant to BLUG, after all.

While we're discussing talks though, here's a question I've got for

What do you want to hear talks about?  We've had relatively low
turnout lately, and I'd like suggestions about how to improve that.

epistemological humility
   - Chris Riddoch -

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