[lug] Dual-booting FC1 with WinXP on the second HD

bof bof at pcisys.net
Tue Jun 1 02:31:05 MDT 2004


I have a two hard disk computer with multiple Linux/FreeBSD versions 
on partitions on both disks. FC1 is installed exclusively on the first 
HD and Grub to its MBR to load all the OSes. I'm thinking about trying
Windows XP and have a free partition as the first one on the second HD.

Is there a way that I can install XP into this partition and then load
it using Grub on the first?

I've done Windows-Linux dual boots, both on single and a dual HD 
systems. But these were with Windows on the first partition of
the first HD, and Linux elsewhere. The Windows XP Resource Guide 
implies that XP can be installed on partitions other than the first, 
and while it goes into detail on how to do this with various versions 
of Windows, it of course, does not mention Linux, for some strange 
reason <g>.

So I thought I'd see if anyone else has done this and how they did it
and possibly save myself some frustration and more gray hair, which I
can ill afford.


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