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> On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 02:27:50PM -0600, Ferdinand Schmid wrote:
> >Qwest will tell you that you need the Actiontec modem and they will want
> Yeah, we upgraded our DSL at our house after having a failed experience
> with LADS/dry copper/alarm circuits.  The QWest rep that I spoke to said
> that the 678 wouldn't work at 1.5mbps.  I was bummed because I had
> already paid something over $100 for one on ebay (having pretty good
> experience with them in the past).  So, I had them send me the Actiontec
> for $60.
> It turns out that the 678 *DOES* work at 1.5mbps/1024kbps.  I tried it
> because through a screw up at QWest, they hadn't shipped the modem.
Indeed they do, however I'm having some issues with TFTP connection attempts
(TFTP off, port reassigned) causing some kind of overflow until the router
slows and quits, requiring power cycle to reboot.  Still looking at it.

> The new Actiontec with built in WiFi looks pretty slick, but I haven't
> tried it.  I'll be getting a second DSL set up any day now, so I'll give
> it a try there.  I know the older Actiontecs have been kind of flaky
> when doing WiFi, but I don't plan on using it for WiFi.
Appears to be some kind of DNS resolution bug if the advanced setup is used.
Some sites won't open in at least one browser unless served up by a proxy
server.  Works fine if basic setup is used, but breaks when Advanced setup
is used, which is necessary if using wireless or static routes.  May not
have any other impact beyond this.  Notable sites were eBay and Ameritrade.

> When the second line comes in, I plan to bond the two for 3mbps down and
> 2mbps up for $28*2/month.  That should be pretty sweet, we regularly
> push some big uploads from the house so 250KB/sec up should be nice.  I
> really liked 3mbps down when we had the old Excite at home service.  It
> sucked when AT&T dropped it to 1.5mbps, but the real killer on the cable
> was that it started just being super flaky.
But then the amount of red ink @home was hemorraging each month ($6M) was
the bandwidth they couldn't control.  Failed business model.

> Of course, I'm tempted to go with bonding 4 lines for 6mbps/4mbps.  That
> would be very fun.
> Anyway, if there are problems with the new Actiontec box, I'll mention
> it.
> Sean
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Frank Whiteley

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