[lug] Monitor config (NEC 3FGx)

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 8 08:17:49 MDT 2004

I have a NEC MultiSync 3FGx 15" that I'm having a little trouble with. 
I just hooked up a Debian Sarge machine and ran xf86config.  I input the
monitor specs as I found them on the web (H 32-49; V55-90).  I get a X
session, but the screen is squeezed in the vertical (~2" top and bottom
of black space).  The screen is squeezed and not just small as known
images are distorted.  I had to adjust the monitor with the monitor
controls so much to get it usable, that during a boot all the console
messages are way left shifted and vertically expanded.  I tried running
xvidtune but that didn't help.  I also tried inputting a modeline I
found googling, but then X didn't work.  Do we still use modelines?  The
XF86Config-4 file seems much simpler than I remember.

I ran into this with a very similar monitor a month ago (something like
3FGxe), but I was able to get it looking OK with the monitor controls. 
The boot time comsole messages were again far left shifted and
vertically expanded.


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