[lug] comcast and multiple IPs

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Tue Jun 8 15:46:12 MDT 2004

Interesting - after almost 4 years of using comcast/AT&T At Home, they
seem to have gotten around to counting IP addresses.  They just sent a
letter saying I may be using more dynamic addresses than I'm allowed.
If I don't pay $5/mo for each extra address, they'll start limiting me
to one address by June 22.  They alternatively suggest using the
devices one at a time (rather than simultaneously), putting everything
behind a single firewall, or signing up for homenetworking.comcast.net

The latter supports 5 computers (windows only), is $52.95/mo and
provides a download speed of 4.0Mbps, upload Speed of 384Kbps
(compared to my existing $43/mo service with maximum download speed:
3.0Mbps, maximum upload speed: 256Kbps).  It provides "Wireless
Connections" by default.  No mention of wireless security.

It sure can take a while for the auditing and billing capabilities of
bandwidth providers to catch up to the policies. I remember 1995-1998
in Portland using an ISDN line 24x7, despite a nominal limit of
something like 40 hrs/week, since they didn't have their
infrastructure in gear.

Ahh well, it's been a nice ride, but time to reconfigure....

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