[lug] comcast and multiple IPs

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Tue Jun 8 10:30:55 MDT 2004

Neal McBurnett wrote:
> Interesting - after almost 4 years of using comcast/AT&T At Home, they
> seem to have gotten around to counting IP addresses.  They just sent a
> letter saying I may be using more dynamic addresses than I'm allowed.
> If I don't pay $5/mo for each extra address, they'll start limiting me
> to one address by June 22.  They alternatively suggest using the
> devices one at a time (rather than simultaneously), putting everything
> behind a single firewall, or signing up for homenetworking.comcast.net

I originally paid a fee to have 5 IP's (not static), while the default 
was to allow 2 I think (originally in days of cable owned by AT&T). I 
was told I could use multiple computers and multiple IP's to go along 
with something like 7 email accounts (never use those though). Then they 
were sold to comcast, and later comcast changed their minds and said 
"oh, we made a mistake, the fee should be higher". Again, later, they 
changed their minds and said "oh, it's only for 5 email addresses, not 
IP addresses!" Keep in mind that this was the first thing they did each 
time I called their tech line for troubles. If you count their decision 
to bill more for the basic cable twice from these tech calls, they have 
billed more 4 times by asking to have problems fixed. They just now got 
it fixed after over a year, and the only reason it got fixed is because 
I came to know one of the techs that is in charge of parts of this area 
and he gave me his cell phone number. Their line tech is the only 
quality in their whole system, without which every trouble call would be 
a "this is a feature you need to pay for" speech.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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