[lug] comcast and multiple IPs

Mr Viggy viggy at peakpeak.com
Tue Jun 8 21:20:45 MDT 2004

Wow!  This all makes me glad that QWest made it to my front door first!

At one point, I told my ISP that I had 6 machines connected to my DSL 
connection, and their response was "Enjoy!"  As long as I don't exceed 
some monthly bandwidth limit, they could care less if I have 1, or 100 
machines.  As for QWest, they don't care at all.  Their response is, 
"That's up to your ISP."  Currently, I have 3 (sometimes 4, when I'm 
playing games on my Playstation 2).  According to them, I average about 
25% of what I'm allowed per month...


D. Stimits wrote:

> ...
>> Oh, on another note, one of my co-workers called Comcast and asked them
>> if they were only allowing one PC or one IP address per household.
>> Nobody could answer his question.
> They very distinctly said one PC. There were astounded when I told them 
> we'd paid for 5 email addresses (we paid for 5 IP's) and they were not 
> ALL being used from one machine. While I have phrased it at times as 5 
> email addresses, during installation and prior conversations it was 
> DEFINITELY 5 independent IP addresses. But those terms change without 
> notice monthly, and when they do, Comcast throws out the records of 
> prior deals (I mean this literally, not figuratively, any deal older 
> than 2 months is purged from their system). It may depend on who you 
> ask, but I brought it all the way up to the manager there at the time, 
> he claims a lot of things that were not true. The word that comes to 
> mind is something like "hogwash". Apparently they are pushing to gain 
> new "optional features" that people can pay more from, as well as trying 
> to remove more than one IP from each household as a newer policy.
> D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net
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