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Brian Stiff bstiff929 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 10 00:23:03 MDT 2004

Glenn Ashton wrote:

Can anyone tell me anything good or bad about the ISP,

Specifically, any negatives or positives and issues
with Linux/ Open
Source support, connectivity, etc.

I've been signed up with Greenspeed for over a year in
Pinewood Springs, and I'm very pleased with their
service.  Jonathan and Ray are really good to work
with in my experience, and provide a much more
personal level of service than the nitwits at Qwest or
Comcast.  I've seen some flakiness on their service,
but it's generally been solid for the past several
months.  Jonathan mentioned they're looking into
offering VoIP some time to compete with the Big Telco.

I think they're pretty OS-neutral, Jonathan didn't
seem too concerned about what you have on your
computer, so long as it will talk IP with his network.

Qwest is allegedly looking into offering DSL in my
'hood, but I'm not particularly interested in changing

The biggest complaint I have is that on our part of
the network, no one gets a routable IP address, all
subscribers are on RFC 1918 (10-net) address space. 
You won't be able to run a server at your house for
the whole internet to see.

Feel free to email me directly if you have more
questions, or post to the list if you'd rather.


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