[lug] individual frames from AVI file?

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Thu Jun 10 01:04:53 MDT 2004

>>>>> "MJH" == Michael J Hammel <mjhammel at graphics-muse.org> writes:

MJH> Transcode.  It's a command line tool for video files in the same
MJH> way ImageMagick is for single image files.  

It seems that transcode is smart enough to understand the container
format (note that I used "tcprobe" in my initial post, which is a
component of the transcode suite).

There even used to be an "import_mjpeg" filter that someone got to
work with movies out of a slightly different Canon digicam (the S300
vs. the S400):


However, that filter got removed because "import_ffmpeg" cliamed
support for MJPEG.  If I try to use "-x ffmpeg", though, it segfaults.
Likely prospects are an uncommon Y:U:V decimation style (see above
post) and/or a sensitivity to the non-standard frame rate.  (Some of
my earliest attempts using lav2yuv and similar would complain about
the frame rate.)

Either way, I eventually got "mplayer" to spit out the individual
frames in a lossless format (PNG), so I was set.

I'll keep transcode in mind for future attempts, though.


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