[lug] comcast and multiple IPs

Dan Ferris Dan at Ferrises.Com
Thu Jun 10 11:54:24 MDT 2004

We have had multiple Comcast Technicians out to our house to fix various 
problems.  They know we have a router.  They don't give a damn.  Our 
router is nice enough to allow you to put in whatever MAC address we 
want.  As far as they could tell, we have a PC connected to them with a 
3com ethernet card. :-)


D. Stimits wrote:
> ...
>> Basically, if you have a firewall that also does NAT, you *are* only 
>> getting one IP address from them.  There's no real way they can tell 
>> that you have multiple computers.  It looked like Comcast was offering 
> ...
> I have to wonder if in some cases of NAT the MAC address pops up. MAC's 
> are how they decide number of computers, because MAC addresses are also 
> how DHCP identifies it. If you swap out a NIC in your comp, they will 
> think you have 2 comps, even if you have only 1. If you already have 2 
> NIC's and swap which one the cable plugs into, the same story, they will 
> accuse you of having 2 comps. I realize that for normal NAT purposes the 
> other comp's MAC will not show up, but I have to wonder if this is 
> always true.
> D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net
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