[lug] Re: Comcast and multiple IP's

Brian Stiff bstiff929 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 16:27:36 MDT 2004

D. Stimits wrote:

>FYI, there are several things to which 
>proxy is not friendly, it is useful for anyone doing
>something beyond 
>web browsing and email to use separate IP's.

I guess this is straying from the topic, both of the
thread and of the list...

As Viggy pointed out, there are really very few
protocols that get broken by NAT.  The few that *are*
impacted by NAT can frequently be taken care of by
fixups in the NAT implementation or workarounds in the
applications.  Admittedly, this NAT fixup
functionality may not be available in consumer gear,
but if Linux firewall software won't correct these
issues, well, we only have ourselves to blame.  ;-)

BTW, I proxy and NAT are not the same thing.  This
thread has dealt mostly with NAT, I don't think
anyone's mentioned proxy issues.  Many ISP's are using
transparent proxies to accelerate content delivery,
they're judicious enough applying the proxies to avoid
breaking most transports.


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