[lug] comcast and multiple IPs

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Sat Jun 12 12:38:00 MDT 2004

Mr Viggy wrote:
> Huh?  Honestly, with a Linux firewall/NAT/DHCP, I found that anything I
> want to do personally, I can acomplish with one IP addy...  Unless, when
> my daughter gets older and wants her own Playstation, I think I can get
> by with one IP...  Damn, I've HOSTED games with one IP (on my PS2 and my
> PC; but SHHHH, don't tell my ISP!).
> What are you doing with your proxy that requires more then one IP?

The network is in use by more people than myself at one time. One thing 
it breaks even with just one person using it are various game networks 
that require incoming port connections not originated by the local 
machine, running windows (yeah I know, it sucks). Another thing is that 
there are various sites (subscription specialty sites such as financial 
reports) that will refuse to work with more than one connect from the 
same IP, but work fine with multiple IP's (sure they're broken, but it 
is the same story as when windows breaks...what are you gonna do, call 
MS and get them to fix it while you wait on the phone?). You're assuming 
fairly simple situations, or detailed knowledge about the networking 
involved. If you want to reverse engineer all these things so you can 
custom set the system to work you can...but then it wont work on all of 
the machines, it'll work on the one you set it up for. No thanks.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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