[lug] comcast and multiple IPs

Mr Viggy viggy at peakpeak.com
Sat Jun 12 19:50:38 MDT 2004

Yes, I know, this is OT...

Dude, are we talking about personal Internet, or Business?  Because,
what you decribe is close to business.  I can't tell you how to run your
family, but even there, one can say, "Hey, look, only ONE person can
play a gome on the Net at a time!"  And, if my family were to say,
"No!", my response would be, "Okay, you pay for your share!"  Funny,
this all sounds familiar....


> D. Stimits wrote:
>> Mr Viggy wrote:
>>> Huh?  Honestly, with a Linux firewall/NAT/DHCP, I found that anything I
>>> want to do personally, I can acomplish with one IP addy...  Unless, when
>>> my daughter gets older and wants her own Playstation, I think I can get
>>> by with one IP...  Damn, I've HOSTED games with one IP (on my PS2 and my
>>> PC; but SHHHH, don't tell my ISP!).
>>> What are you doing with your proxy that requires more then one IP?
>> The network is in use by more people than myself at one time. One 
>> thing it breaks even with just one person using it are various game 
>> networks that require incoming port connections not originated by the 
>> local machine, running windows (yeah I know, it sucks). Another thing 
>> is that there are various sites (subscription specialty sites such as 
>> financial reports) that will refuse to work with more than one connect 
>> from the same IP, but work fine with multiple IP's (sure they're 
>> broken, but it is the same story as when windows breaks...what are you 
>> gonna do, call MS and get them to fix it while you wait on the 
>> phone?). You're assuming fairly simple situations, or detailed 
>> knowledge about the networking involved. If you want to reverse 
>> engineer all these things so you can custom set the system to work you 
>> can...but then it wont work on all of the machines, it'll work on the 
>> one you set it up for. No thanks.
>> D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net
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