[lug] comcast and multiple IPs

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Sat Jun 12 15:12:04 MDT 2004

Mr Viggy wrote:
> Yes, I know, this is OT...
> Dude, are we talking about personal Internet, or Business?  Because,
> what you decribe is close to business.  I can't tell you how to run your
> family, but even there, one can say, "Hey, look, only ONE person can
> play a gome on the Net at a time!"  And, if my family were to say,
> "No!", my response would be, "Okay, you pay for your share!"  Funny,
> this all sounds familiar....

Come on, lighten up. Other people are looking up stocks on paid 
financial report sights from more than one comp. The same login name 
from the same IP seems to confuse them. As for games, that's just part 
of it. Separate IP's ARE a good way to track it. The problem is, comcast 
keeps changing and saying different parts of the same thing are now to 
be charged for twice. Sort of going to a restaurant, and having the 
sandwich cut in half for years, then suddenly hearing them say "but 
that's 2 sandwiches! You have to pay for 2!". When it is a commercial 
business to look up personal stocks I'll kiss their behinds. And quit 
using the Internet.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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