[lug] Debian update/upgrade

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 22 14:04:25 MDT 2004

Question on apt-get update (upgrade).

When I perform an apt-get update/upgrade at the start of upgrade I am 
told that x MB will be downloaded and usually some small size, e.g. 4 k, 
will be required after unpacking.  I've been assuming that the 
downloaded files were deleted but it looks like I am increasing disk 
usage by the full amount downloaded each time and I'm quickly running 
out of space.  I see that downloaded files are filling up 
/var/cache/apt/archive .  I guess it is safe to delete these, but is 
there a flag that says to delete the files after the upgrade?  I'm not 
seeing it with "man apt-get,"  but I usually need to post a question 
before I'm able to find the answer myself.


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