[lug] OT: wiring a house for ethernet

Neil Doane caine at antediluvian.org
Mon Jun 28 09:14:39 MDT 2004

Have you considered going 802.11g instead?  It's a definate headache-saver
in the wiring department. 


* Ryan Wheaton (ryan.wheaton at comcast.net), on [06-28-04 09:08], wrote:
> Hey all,
> Sorry for the OT post, but figured there were some smart cookies in 
> here with good ideas from previous experience.  I just moved into a new 
> (rental) house.  In our old house, we had run cables every which way, 
> mashing them under floorboards, etc...  (a real professional job) In 
> the new house, I'd like to have a more "professional" job -- you know, 
> with eth outlets in the walls, instead of running cables under carpets 
> and such.  Any ideas on the best way to go about this, or how the pros 
> really do it?  I haven't been able to locate any kind of crawl space 
> under the house, and finding an attic may not help me cause most of the 
> rooms are downstairs...
> If it's too much of a hassle, anyone know of any good local companies 
> that will do this for not too much $$?
> thanks --
> -rtw
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