[lug] OT: wiring a house for ethernet

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Mon Jun 28 17:27:20 MDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 13:06, Ryan Wheaton wrote:
> Yes, we will most definitely get permission from the landlord.
> we have 802.11b right now (for laptops), but the speed difference is 
> just too much.  We do a lot of file transfers between computers and 
> such, and I find 802.11b to be tedious when transferring files.  
> Exactly how much faster is 802.11g?  Still, the problem with that is 
> that we'd incur a lot of cost buying a new wifi router (802.11g) and 
> new wifi nics for all the workstations...  The cheapest G router i've 
> found is $55 and the cheapest G nics i've seen are $30 a piece.  That 
> would be about $175 to get it in there across the board for all our 
> workstations...  If the speed is there, then i'd probably be completely 
> willing to invest, but I'm just not really convinced.
> -rtw

I've done a mixture of wireless and wired.  I bought an 802.11b bridge
and connected it to a 10/100 switch.  So the machines on the switch get
the wired speeds and between floors gets 802.11b speeds.

I don't do much transferring between floors, so the speed doesn't affect
me as much.


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