[lug] OT: wiring a house for ethernet

Robert George Mayer mayer at acm.org
Mon Jun 28 22:17:31 MDT 2004

On Monday 28 June 2004 05:45 pm, David Morris wrote:

> I use both wired & wireless networks myself.  I've found
> that even 802.11g is just not responsive enough for serious
> work (large file transfers or remote computer work).
> One way you can route wires easily *if* they are going to the
> right place is to use cold air return vents.  The duct
> already takes you between floors and getting a wire through
> them might be annoying, but nowhere near the challenge of
> fishing.  Limited use, but simple when it works. :)
> --David

And, I believe, even for low voltage circuts, such as Ethernet, and even if 
you used plenum cable, which is much more expensive, it would violate the 
National Electric Code.  Better to use utility chases, the spaces inside the 
walls where ducts, piping and vents run, even if you have to cut holes in the 
walls to run the wires.  You can often use a hole for a new single-gang 
outlet box that you later use for a networking jack, to drill a hole from one 
floor in a chase to the level below.


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