[lug] OT: wiring a house for ethernet

Paul E Condon pecondon at mesanetworks.net
Tue Jun 29 10:23:43 MDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 10:17:31PM -0600, Robert George Mayer wrote:
> On Monday 28 June 2004 05:45 pm, David Morris wrote:
> >
> > I use both wired & wireless networks myself.  I've found
> > that even 802.11g is just not responsive enough for serious
> > work (large file transfers or remote computer work).
> >
> > One way you can route wires easily *if* they are going to the
> > right place is to use cold air return vents.  The duct
> > already takes you between floors and getting a wire through
> > them might be annoying, but nowhere near the challenge of
> > fishing.  Limited use, but simple when it works. :)
> >
> > --David
> >
> And, I believe, even for low voltage circuts, such as Ethernet, and even if 
> you used plenum cable, which is much more expensive, it would violate the 
> National Electric Code.  Better to use utility chases, the spaces inside the 

I think its the Fire code that is violated. To my mind a more serious problem
than even the Electric code.

But what about putting wireless gear just inside the ductwork vents and using
ducts as a sort of multimode wave guide for RF? Might work and give an extra
measure of privacy.

> walls where ducts, piping and vents run, even if you have to cut holes in the 
> walls to run the wires.  You can often use a hole for a new single-gang 
> outlet box that you later use for a networking jack, to drill a hole from one 
> floor in a chase to the level below.
> - BOB
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