[lug] USB to USB as serial connection

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Tue Jun 29 13:44:21 MDT 2004

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Herod <herod at dimensional.com> writes:

Scott> I know that I could re-write the app. quite easily to use the
Scott> network connection, but would it be as easy as connecting a USB
Scott> cable between the two new machines

No, because current USB is not capable of peer-to-peer operation
(unlike firewire - but most p2p modes for firewire end up just
implementing IP over it, so...)

There is some support for acting as a client device in USB, as opposed
to a host controller, but I don't think it "just works" with any USB
chips; it got added to the kernel to support embedded uses like PDAs.
It's called "usb gadget mode" or something similar.

Scott> using the usb-serial driver

Note that this is specifically something that talks to rs-232-
generating devices that happen to be hung off a USB port; they don't
actually turn the USB port into a serial port.


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