[lug] Perl DBD::mysql

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Tue Jun 29 17:53:32 MDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 17:44, Thomas R Detman wrote:
> Once I was a happy camper running RedHat 7.2.
> I had the perl DBI to MySQL working perfectly.
> But I was told, I must upgrade. It seemed to make sense.
> So, I upgraded to RH 9.0.  It broke so many things that
> I got ticked off and wipped it by installing KRUD 7.3.
> (I was even happier than before, but it couldn't last.)
> I upgraded to RH 9.0 again and began to slowly cobbled
> my working environment back together as best I could.
> (There are new and nifty things that I do like.  I think
> most of my pain is due to the switch from Gnome to Gnome2.
> Is there a way to go back to Gnome?)
> I've tried several times now to get MySQL and the perl DBI
> working again, without success.  I've had MySQL working,
> both 4.0.20 and the latest RH rpm version (mysql-3.23.58-1.9),
> mostly not at the same time.
> Getting the perl interface, DBD::mysql, installed is road-block.
> I get warnings and error messages, like in the following:

I would install what redhat provided (unless you have need of a
particular version of DBI and DBD::MySQL).

On a redhat 9 box, I have the following rpm's installed:


so I'd install those and see where that gets you.



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