[lug] Perl DBD::mysql

Thomas R Detman Thomas.R.Detman at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 29 21:54:08 MDT 2004

Hugh Brown wrote:
> I would install what redhat provided (unless you have need of a
> particular version of DBI and DBD::MySQL).
> On a redhat 9 box, I have the following rpm's installed:
> perl-DBI-1.32-5
> perl-DBD-MySQL-2.1021-3
> so I'd install those and see where that gets you.
> Hugh

Hot Damn! Problem solved.

I've been flailing at this long enough that I had things
(especially me) in a somewhat confused state.  I actually
had  perl-DBI-1.32-5 and perl-DBD-MySQL-2.1021-3 installed,
I just couldn't get mysqld started.  Whenever I ran the startup
script, safe_mysqld &, it immediately came back with
mysqld ended.

Your e-mail gave me that extra little bit of perl hubris to reboot.
I went to 'system settings' -> 'server settings' -> services
and selected mysqld, but didn't try to start it; I rebooted.
The system came up with mysqld running. And now the perl DBI works.

Thanks, that is a big relief.

Tom Detman

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