[lug] Postfix relay_host

Steve Sullivan SteveSullivan
Wed Jun 30 20:39:02 MDT 2004


How can I get my postfix to authenticate itself to a remote relay host?

When I send email from my home machine via comcast cable to
earthlink users, I get:

 <someFried at earthlink.net>: host mx2.earthlink.net[] said: 550
      Dynamic IPs/open relays blocked. Contact <openrelay at abuse.earthlink.net>.
      (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

No problem ... my ISP said I could relay through them.
So on my Postfix on Suse 9.1 I set:

relayhost = my.isp.com

But my ISP rejects all the email, since my Postfix is not sending
the userid / password.  I've looked in the book, in the
online manual, and via google but find no answer ...
How do I configure Postfix to send a userid/password to the relay host?

Many thanks,


Steve Sullivan    sullivan at mathcom.com
http://www.mathcom.com    303-494-7115

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