[lug] Postfix relay_host

Andrew Diederich diederic at boulder.net
Wed Jun 30 21:36:40 MDT 2004

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 20:39:02 -0600 (MDT), Steve Sullivan <Steve Sullivan  
<sullivan at mathcom.com> wrote:

> No problem ... my ISP said I could relay through them.
> So on my Postfix on Suse 9.1 I set:
> relayhost = my.isp.com
> But my ISP rejects all the email, since my Postfix is not sending
> the userid / password.  I've looked in the book, in the
> online manual, and via google but find no answer ...
> How do I configure Postfix to send a userid/password to the relay host?

I'm assuming you've looked at the postfix site, especially  
The site has always had good information on how to configure postfix, and  
their mail list is excellent (or was last time I checked).

That being said, the answer is probably in your /var/log/mail[log].   
There's also a postfix auth HOWTO at  
http://postfix.state-of-mind.de/patrick.koetter/smtpauth/ which I've never  

It kind of depends exactly how your ISP wants the authentication, but that  
info should be in your maillog.  There are several types of username and  
password authentication, from pop-before-SMTP to SSL/TLS stuff.

Postfix is excellent and worth the time to setup properly.

Andrew Diederich
diederic at boulder.net

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