[lug] Curious about do-it-yourself VOIP box

Bryan Field-Elliot bryan_lists at netmeme.org
Thu Jul 1 09:32:33 MDT 2004

Tivo's success inspired several do-it-yourself Linux-based DVR's, some
of them getting quite good.

Now I've been looking at the Vonage hardware and service -- basically,
it's a box which you plug a standard phone into. It fakes a dialtone so
that you can dial from your phone, but then uses VOIP to connect to one
of their pops in your destination city, and then makes an actual phone

Does anyone know of any do-it-yourself-style embedded Linux box
projects, which do the same sort of thing? e.g. provide a phone jack,
let you plug a phone into it, fake a dialtone, and then... do something
with the call. Not sure exactly what, but presumably, another Linux box
on the other end to receive the "call".

Just fishing for info,


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