[lug] USB to USB as serial connection

John Dollison JohnDollison at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 1 21:59:03 MDT 2004

I learned from personal experience that if you try to connect two USB ports
directly to each other, you will fry the USB controller chips, at a minimum
(smoke and all!).  In some cases, you may even damage your motherboard or
power supply.  But I've heard good things about the "null-modem" or "file
transfer" USB cables.


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Hello all,

I've got two new machines that have no available RS-232 ports but that are
literally dripping with USB ports.  I also have a legacy app. that has in
the past been talking to my pair of (old) machines over the serial port.
I know that I could re-write the app. quite easily to use the network
connection, but would it be as easy as connecting a USB cable between the
two new machines using the usb-serial driver to run exactly as I have been



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